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Q:  When I did a home radon test, my results were quite high, but my next door neighbor did a test and his results were lower. Is it really possible for those results to be right? How can houses next door to each other have different levels?

A:  These results can definitely be right. There are many issues that could cause the differences. For example, the construction process or the materials under the slab may differ.  



Q:  What determines the cost of a radon mitigation program? Is it mainly the size of the house or is it how high the radon level is?

A:  The main factor is the construction of the house. Other factors are the size and age of the house. A crawl space is usually somewhat more expensive. Aesthetic options may be available for addtional cost.



Q: I've seen radon systems in my neighborhood and they look pretty unattractive, are there ways to make them look better?

A: Yes, in many cases we can run the pipe inside the house and exhaust through the roof (these systems will never be noticed. Also if the system can only be exhausted outside we have many aesthetic options available.  



Q:  It necessary to visit the house to give me a quote ?

A:  Yes, each house is different and it's important to look at the house to know all the problems that we might encounter. Would you trust someone that gives you a price over the phone to do work on your house that has never seen what is causing the problem? I will be glad to give you a price range over the phone, but in order to give a guaranteed price, I will need to visit the house and see what needs to be done.



Q:  How long does a radon mitigation system installation usually take?

A:  The typical job would take one day (six to eight hours) and a really complicated job could take up to

three days.