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Where does radon gas come from?

Radon gas comes from the soil and can quickly seep into your home or business. Almost every state has problems with radon gas, but with all the granite foundations in Atlanta, there tends to be more risk of exposure. Let Metro Atlanta Radon Mitigation come test the levels in your home.

What high levels of radon gas exposure can do

Whether you’re purchasing a charming fixer-upper or building the home of your dreams, you’re going to have to deal with radon gas. Knowing the level of radon in the air is important since prolonged exposure to high levels can cause serious illness and even death.


Our services ensure you and your family members aren't exposed to unsafe levels that could make you sick. Once your home has been tested, take advantage of our guaranteed reduction services to help ensure your home is safe from risky levels so you can sleep better at night knowing you are protected. Click here to learn more about the dangers of radon.

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